Precision Plus was founded as an S-Corporation in 1986 by a machinist and entrepreneur convinced there was an opportunity for a successful machine shop to support industrial growth in Greenwood, Abbeville and surrounding counties. The shop targeted non-textile industry with milling, turning, grinding, machine assembly, welding and prototyping services.

In 1994, after some success establishing a local customer base, the business was sold to Greenwood Fabricating & Plating, a larger and growing metal fabricating and electroplating corporation managed by Kirk Husser, that wanted to add these capabilities to its offering. GF&P was able to expand the customer base, provide capital for Computer Numeric Control (CNC) equipment, and establish better financial, materials management and quality systems (including ISO-9002 and QS-9000).

GF&P made a strategic decision to return to its core business, that of electroplating and electroplated part fabrication, and move away from parts machining and machine assembly. It was seeking first,
to sell the company to individuals familiar with the business, who would be able to concentrate on the sales growth and cost reduction
required to solidify and improve the earnings of the business. This was accomplished by interesting two former GF&P employees,
Kirk Husser and Mike Boudreau, to return the business to a stand-alone S-Corporation.

Thus, Precision Plus of Greenwood, Inc. was formed in late October of 2002. The "new" Precision Plus has many more strategic
relationships in place than in 1984, including a great relationship with GF&P, with the added engineering, quality, and financial
skills to take the business well into the new century. Much of our early efforts involve establishing or re-establishing ties with area
industry. More than 2/3's of the top 20 industries in the area are already customers. Precision Plus has targeted the other 1/3 and
will also seek business throughout the southeast.



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